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    Emotion and expressing emotion are human traits. Don’t rob boys of their humanity. @zellieimani

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    So I get the question: how do I productively study? How do I focus?

    So I am going to share something I do.

    Today happens to be a library day so here is my schedule for my lib time at noon.

    I work for 45 mins and take a 15 minute break.

    I write down goals for each 45 minutes

    After the 45 minutes, I assess where I am and revise the timeline (never getting disappointed or anything!)

    This makes things less overwhelming and boosts my own productivity. I can see tangible gains and have charted progress at the end of the study day.

    I’ve used this all through undergrad, my masters, and now my PhD! Hope this is helpful to some of you looking for techniques!


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    I’m happy Summer is coming to an end. Soon I’ll be able to wear all black and not burn the fuck up.

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    you know that mood you get in sometimes where you just fucking are in love with drinking water

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    Just in case you weren’t on the moon last night. This is what earth looked like from the moon’s perspective 

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    I will never not reblog a Bonita Applebum gif

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    "and this is for colored girls…"

    My Queen couldn’t stop crying when she was watching this.

    Fucking thank you for watching :’D


    always reblog

    I wept..be blessed

    I’m mad I’m just now seeing this, preach!

    I Told Y’all, I’m Reblogging The Male Version Of Myself Every Time I See Him.

    I’m just gonna leave this right here…

    I sure would love to see this in practice….maybe one day…..

    Did he preach?

    "The black woman is the most unprotected creature on this planet."


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    Anita Baker - Sweet Love

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    "[The] women that I portray in my art are all around, but society sees them as almost invisible.”

    This is how David James, the Trinidadian mind behind BBW Art, explains his work. The portfolio is a stunning showcase of the beauty and versatility of curvy women.

    Love this!!

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    When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 


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    Floetry - say yes.

    that kind of mood tonight.

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    I need to start painting

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  14. "I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life."
    — Jeff Buckley, on moving to New York (via kissmyashhhdoll)

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  15. "In Africa an old person dying is ‘a library on fire’"
    — Hampaté Ba (Quoted by Marc Augé in: non-places_introduction to an athropology of supermodernity)

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